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159,279 Post Reach and
354,411 Post Impressions
on $15 a day

Our Quartz outreach advert

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Tanya White from BMD Group 

Our Integrated Storytelling Strategy in Action

- 2x Websites
- Social Media
- Email Campaign Strategy

With our ISS in place we get to fish where the fish are in the largest ocean – the web.


BMD Group is a globally reputable brand that utilises a solution driven business model to create innovative, sustainable building materials and systems that add value to customers’ lives.

At the heart of BMD Group is a team of highly capable, creative specialists united by a passion to promote environmental consciousness through eco-friendly building products and operations.

We were approached by BMD Group in the Cayman Islands to rebuild their two websites at the time, and then to roll out their digital outreach.

Our Solution

BMD Group needed to establish themselves online as a reputable brand on the Cayman Islands, and educate their audience on a visual level on what solutions BMD Group can provide.
Therefore our strategy was to educate both Businesses and Consumers on why BMD Group is the industry leader when it comes to quartz, kitchen design and installation, composite decking and vinyl flooring to name a few. We started with two $5-a-day videos selling their quartz, and building the page followers. Once our quartz ad started showing quality leads that converted into showroom visits and quotes we started scaling the ad to $10 a day and rolled out their Vinyl Flooring collection and Floritelli Kitchens.
This is what we built:
  • 2 websites that displayed BMD Group’s products and services
  • Integrated the Meta pixel which allowed us to retarget our ads to whoever visited their websites on Facebook and Instagram
  • Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram to add them to our marketing funnel
  • Automated 15 string email setup, to drive traffic back to the website, one email sent each week.

Our Results

From the first month we already had 2 quotes accepted from our email campaign on the quartz.

On average, in the industry every 10th lead is a booking or quote request. As you can see with the results, they became quite busy, quite quickly. This is what we managed to deliver:

  • 51 conversations started. At only $12 per conversation.
  • 48,200 people reached on Facebook in 6 months.
  • 27,100 people reached on Instagram in 6 months.
  • 250,000 impressions in 90 days
  • At least 5 new quote requests each month worth thousands of dollars.

Because of how we set this up, we kept on engaging with each lead for up to 3 months with our retargeting strategy

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